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BE ONE: How to Be a Healthy Man in Toxic Times...

The Book On Becoming an authentically good person surrounded by healthy and supportive relationships...

WARNING: Through story and real-life experiences, BE ONE will provide you with very specific roadmap to live with greater purpose while releasing your full potential. 

After reading the book you can expect:

  • A framework for self-actualization directly adapted from the author’s famous We Are The They course.
  • Strategies for overcoming unwanted behaviors and finding a life guided by passion, purpose, and meaning.  
  • Compelling discussion of the hallmarks of goodness and integrity, and their role in living an authentically fulfilling life!

Foreword Written By Ed Mylett...

Ed Mylett Jimmy Rex

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As an added bonus to jump start your journey to the Be One life, you’ll receive the audio version of You End Up Where You’re Heading, the hidden dangers of living a safe life, we’ll explore how you can become the hero of your own story. But you can only get it, if you pre-order now!

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What Experts Are Saying...

Erwin McManus

Founder of the Arena + Author of Mind Shift, The Genius of Jesus, and The Way of the Warrior

“Jimmy Rex writes BE ONE out of the passion that drives his life and fuels his mission. He pivoted from his extraordinary career as an entrepreneur to creating a tribe for men committed to thriving and living out healthy masculinity.”

Jon Gordon

15x best-selling author of The Energy Bus and The One Truth

“Jimmy Rex's 'BE ONE' is a beacon of hope and transformation in a world that desperately needs it. Drawing from his profound experiences, Jimmy created a masterful guide that challenges and uplifts. Every page resonates with authenticity and passion!”

Bedros Keuilian

Serial Entrepreneur, Investor, Author + the founder of Fit Body Boot Camp

“This is the handbook that men should read and apply if they’re finally ready to step up and step into their greatness!” 

Pace Morby

Author, Investor, Entrepreneur, Speaker

“This is the missing link you are looking for! Business, making money, and financial freedom have a foundation it should be built on… and that is THIS BOOK! Great job, Jimmy! This is a MUST READ!” 

Forbes Riley

Award-Winning TV Talk Show Host + Best Selling Author

“In 'BE ONE', Jimmy Rex masterfully captures the essence of growth and purpose. I've always believed anything is achievable if you're audacious enough to dream and pursue. This book is a testament to this, guiding every reader through a journey of self-discovery and profound gain. It's not just a read, but a revelation.”

Stefanos Sifandos

High-Performance + Relationship Coach

"If you are a man, reading this book may support your own journey around masculine expression in a rapidly changing world. What makes Jimmy unique is his vast life experience, how he has reflected on his life, and how he has chosen deliberately to grow over and over again, redefining himself where possible and walking his talk. Read, feel, and absorb this book! Your soul will thank you for it". 

Mel H Abraham

Author of Building Your Money Machine, Investor, Entrepreneur, Speaker

“In 'BE ONE,' Jimmy crafts the path for every man to live a truly courageous life! A life that doesn't shrink in the face of adversity or the constructed barriers of society. A life that has meaning, impact and fulfillment…the way life should be lived.”

Diljeet Taylor

BYU Women’s National Champion Head Cross Country Coach & Associate Director of Track and Field

"BE ONE is a modern-day book for men trying to be their best version, but the simple yet authentic approach will allow women to find new ways to successfully navigate masculinity in current times. It's an excellent read for any man or woman who wants to evolve into their best self."

About The Book...

In BE ONE: How to Be a Healthy Man in Toxic Times, celebrated founder of We Are The They, a one-of-a-kind movement offering men, their wives, and teens the tools and network they need to thrive. Jimmy Rex's latest offering provides a no-nonsense pathway to becoming, discovering, and nurturing a truly good man. This book slices through the clutter, presenting the tools necessary for a life brimming with fulfillment and excellence.

With a blend of candid vulnerability and practical advice, enriched with humorous anecdotes, essential life skills, and effective techniques, it addresses the core issues that disconnect you from your true needs and desires, proposing clear solutions to your most intricate challenges.

In this book, Jimmy offers vital tips and strategies to:
• A blueprint for reaching your fullest potential, drawn from the author's renowned "We Are The They" program.

• Techniques for shedding counterproductive habits and embracing a life driven by passion, purpose, and significance.

• Engaging explorations of the essential qualities of goodness and integrity, and their impact on leading a genuinely fulfilling life.

Ideal for individuals across all walks of life, including men, women, parents, and young adults, who aim to navigate through life's hurdles and foster significant personal growth, "Be One" stands as a motivational and accessible manual for self-reinvention.

Be One Book

Meet Jimmy Rex...

Jimmy Rex is a renowned figure in the personal development and real estate space. As the founder of "We Are The They," he champions a global coaching program and social movement aimed at helping men lead exceptional lives. Jimmy hosts "The Jimmy Rex Show," a highly-rated podcast with over 500 episodes, and is the author of the best-seller "You End Up Where You're Heading," as well as his new book, "BE ONE: How to Be a Healthy Man in Toxic Times." With over 20 years in real estate, he has sold more than 2,500 homes and assisted in the sale of an additional 4,000 homes to investors, including selling the most expensive home ever in the state of Utah. Jimmy also spent three years doing stand-up comedy and brings much of that laughter into all of his speaking engagements. His dynamic personality and diverse experiences make him a sought-after speaker and influencer.

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